stay spiritually connected
Here are 10 ways to stay spiritually connected, even (especially!) during challenging times.

Recognize Your Creator.
This step makes you humble.

Seek Opportunities to Put More Love Into Your World.
This step makes you loving and loveable

Set Aside Time Each Day to Spend in Spiritual Reflection and Contemplation.
This step makes you strong.

Become More Accepting.
This step makes you gracious.

Forgive Everyone You Have Not Forgiven.
This step makes you kind and present – releasing the past; creating a new future.

Recognize Your Mistakes.
This step makes you responsible and accountable for your choices and actions.

Try to See the Good in Others.
This step makes you positive and open to possibility.

Take Stock of Your Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors.
This step makes you grow.

Bless the World.
This step makes you beautiful.

Use Each Interaction to be the Best, Compassionate, Most Powerful Version of Yourself.
This step makes you a conduit of God’s love.



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Posted on Dec 30, 2017
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