Dear Angelina,

When I centered myself in silence, I made the choice to become open and willing to live life fully, yet due to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis when I was 28 years old, I have been in a wheelchair for more than 25 years. “Something is wrong here,” I raged. I felt furious, damaged, lost, and terrified by the life I imagined with no future or minimal possibilities. “I am no good.” As you and I have experienced, life can change instantly — at any moment, anywhere, and at any time — and create challenging situations such as chronic illness, sudden injury, or advanced stages of aging. “I don’t belong.”

It is in such adverse situations that deep learning, spiritual growth, and transformation occur. “I am on my own.” Regardless of what comes to us, we become willing to expand instead of pulling back — contracting — when we don’t like what’s happening. Expansion is the key. In response to negative feelings, we become more spacious inside, embracing the bad as well as the good. When we accept ourselves fully as we are, we no longer strive against our own true nature, enjoying the harmony and balance of being aligned with our soul. Many poets have referred to the ”spark within our soul.” As divine beings, we have all the tools we need within ourselves.

Whenever you find that you are out of touch with your loving, simply move into the quiet center within. Let go of any expectation that something has to happen. When you are free of any pressure to perform that you have placed on yourself, you become still, love arises naturally. Sometimes it’s when you do nothing that the loving appears in its clearest form.

Thank you from another spiritual warrior and sister,

Linda Noble Topf


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Posted on Jun 12, 2013
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