Linda Noble Topf

Linda Noble TopfAn MS patient since 1981 and an advocate for disability rights, Linda Noble Topf has been an ordained minister since 1984, a spiritual and wellness coach, professional speaker, design and marketing entrepreneur, wife of 34 years, and a published author. She is dedicated to assisting others in seeing that chronic illness, debilitating injury, or any kind of adversity in any stage of life, can be viewed as a spiritual awakening, and an opportunity for personal growth.

Linda has lived with illness for over 30 years, but her intrinsic inner health has taught her that dealing with illness means more than getting rid of it. Linda has a natural inclination toward growth; so rather than forcing transformation to happen because of her physical challenges, she created ideal conditions for natural transformation to thrive. She identified key qualities she could focus on and strengthen/cultivate within herself, and used these core strengths to bring forth for herself a new transformational, creative experience of self-expression.

Linda Noble Topf is the author of You Are Not your Illness: Seven Principles for Meeting the Challenge, which shows that illness, injury, or disability can not only physically alter the course of your life, but can also cause great emotional upheaval and loss of self-worth. In this remarkable and uplifting book, Linda delves deeply into her own experience to share with readers the keys to regaining emotional and spiritual wholeness. Linda believes that real healing has nothing to do with the state of the physical body, and she offers a compassionate and inspirational message—along with support, skills, and encouragement—to those who want to embrace the challenge of living successfully with illness. It is her intention to leave people transformed with more power, freedom, self expression, and peace of mind.

Linda’s second book, Wheelchair Wisdom™: Awaken Your Spirit through Adversity (coming soon), shatters widespread notions of what it’s like to spend life in a wheelchair, which addresses the unique circumstances of the millions of people in wheelchairs. She wants to convey the message that lies at the heart of her convictions—that people are more than their wheelchairs, more than their disabled bodies. Wheelchair Wisdom™ bears testimony to what Linda has learned and experienced—that each of us, regardless of circumstances, can move through life with freedom in a creative and joyful way.

Highlights from Linda’s career appear below the slideshow.

A Few Highlights from Linda’s Career:

  • 1971 – Graduate of the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Founder of Noble Design Associates, an award-winning image development, design and marketing company.
  • 1982 – Co-planner and creative director of “Century 4,” Philadelphia highly acclaimed 300th Birthday Celebration.
  • Founding member of the Business Women’s Network in Philadelphia. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • 1984 – Founded/pioneered The MS Initiative, an innovative project for MS patients and their families to ask questions and explore alternative treatments and develop resources (and peer support) to maintain positive attitudes. The organization expanded to nine states, and was in existence for five years.
  • 1995 – Published You Are Not Your Illness: Seven Principles for Meeting the Challenge, Simon & Schuster.
  • 2000 – Designed and created Inspiration, an exhibit on permanent display at The National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia that profiles noted physically challenged people throughout history.
  • 2009 – Invited to be an Attitudinal Healing International coach by Jerry Jampolsky, M.D. & Diane Cirincione, Ph.D, founders of Attitudinal Healing International.
  • 2010 – Featured as the “Face of MS” in June 2010 issue of National MS Society’s Connections magazine.
  • 2011 – Began writing Wheelchair Wisdom™: Awaken Your Spirit Through Adversity.
  • 2012 – Publisher Berrett-Koehler chooses Linda’s book proposal for Wheelchair Wisdom™: Awaken Your Spirit Through Adversity, as the grand prize winner in its Self-Publishing Contest. Linda receives a full “Focus” publishing package from Open Book Editions through B-K’s self-publishing partner, iUniverse.
  • 2012 – Huffington Post invites Linda to write “Wheelchair Wisdom™” columns under the Healthy Living banner.



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