It’s a few days after the elections and one thing is for sure—not everyone’s candidate of choice got elected.

From the perspective of my book, “Wheelchair Wisdom: Awakening your Spirit Through Adversity”, WHO got elected is not the issue. The real issue for anyone committed to transformation and a life of awakening, is HOW we relate to the outcome of the election, and to what unfolds in the future.

The key is our CHOICE between two voices

The first voice- the False Self- our ego or personality, judges, regrets and criticizes, or the True Self—our second voice- affirms our true essence, which is wisdom, integrity and love, supporting, acknowledging and transforming.

What would happen if we ‘shifted our perspective’?

We can choose to respond with wisdom and discernment and action, OR we can respond with reactivity, judgment and negativity, internally running our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, and opinions, on how things “should” have been, build stories and evidence of “why not”, or “could” have been.

If we choose to look for the learning, the opportunity becomes moving into Acceptance and Cooperation, whether we agree with, or like it or not—this is what is—and looking for the opportunity for empowering, learning and serving.

This is a prime time, providing the opportunity for each of us to hold a positive, loving focus and to access the integrity of wisdom within us.

My wish for all of us is make the most of this opportunity by standing tall in our loving selves and sharing the light.

Let’s walk the talk by moving within
Let’s be a force for love and acceptance.

As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin so eloquently put it—“ we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”


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Posted on Nov 14, 2016
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