Here is Linda’s Story:

Lan Yin Tsai with Linda and others at 2008 MS Ride

Lan Yin Tsai with Linda and others at 2008 MS Ride

“I am a 1971 graduate of Moore College of Art and Design, after which I became a successful and well-recognized graphic designer. In 1978, I founded Noble Design Associates, an award-winning image development, design and marketing company.  I was one of the creative forces behind Philadelphia’s highly acclaimed 300th Birthday Celebration (the historic “Century 4″ project), and was one of the founding members of the Business Women’s Network in Philadelphia. I was a leader in revamping the public’s image of the term “Willow Grove Park” from the 1960s idea of an amusement park with thrilling rides to the concept of the newest upscale shopping mall, which today is known as Willow Grove Park.

“In 1981, at the height of my business success and in the middle of planning Philly’s 300th Birthday celebration, I was blindsided by the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, even though I still had complete mobility and function of both arms and legs. I have always had a natural inclination toward personal growth, so rather than forcing transformation to happen because of my physical challenges, I created ideal conditions for natural transformation to thrive.

“I identified key qualities I could focus on and cultivate within myself, distinguishing which qualities were essential for me to bring forth this new transformational, creative experience of self-expression.

“In 1984, I pioneered The MS Initiative, an innovative project that inspired MS patients and their families to ask questions and explore alternative treatments and develop resources (and peer support) to maintain positive attitudes. The MS Initiative expanded to nine states, and was in existence for five years. Also in 1984, my counseling work with others inspired me to the next spiritual step—becoming an ordained minister in an ecumenical church, The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA).  I returned to school and in 1992, and obtained my Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. The University of Santa Monica is dedicated to communicating the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology worldwide.

Linda Noble Topf And Michael Topf

Linda and Michael at the Safety Harbor Spa outside the Tampa-Clearwater in Florida.

“As an advocate for disability rights, I am a professional speaker, contributing editor, and author dedicated to assisting others in seeing that illness, injury, or any kind of adversity in any stage of life, can be viewed as a spiritual awakening, an opportunity for personal growth, and connection to the consciousness of who we all are.

“In 1995, a ten-year project became a reality—You Are Not Your Illness: Seven Principles for Meeting the Challenge was published by Simon & Schuster. In addition, I have written for Inside MS, the National MS Society magazine. I am also a former columnist for, the largest disability website in the world and currently a blogger at

“My leadership in the disability community has consistently earned me a reputation for asking open-ended questions, such as “What is missing?” or “What is possible?” or “What can I learn?” or “How do we cultivate the imprint left after this initial awakening?”

“I was the inspiration and visionary behind the first exhibit in the country that highlights people with physical, mental or emotional challenges.

“The exhibit is entitled Inspiration, first introduced to the public as Exceptional Americans Who Have Achieved Remarkable Success. My photograph and bio are among those of featured people such as Lance Armstrong, Michael J. Fox, Helen Keller, Ray Charles, Casey Martin, Christopher Reeve, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Wilma Rudolph, Stevie Wonder, Yitzhak Perlman, and others who have dared to step beyond their challenges and comfort zones to create a new conversation about illness, aging, and possibility, against all odds. The exhibit focuses on the relationship between the inner spirit of mind and body and the outer life of service, action, and contribution. It is located at the National Liberty Museum at 321 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.

“In 2008, I became a certified Habit of Attraction Coach through The Messenger Network. The Habit of Attraction is the practice of combining a simple and consistent habit creation with the Law of Attraction to attract and receive your desires!

Michael and Linda in Egypt

Michael and Linda share a laugh with their tour guide outside Cairo during a trip to Egypt in 1995.

“The Messenger Network is an Internet technology and marketing company that offers programs for everyday people to become messengers and share their message with the world. These programs are for messengers who are just starting their journey and for the experienced messengers who want to take their “message sharing” to a whole new level.

“In 2011, I was invited to post my profile and professional service offerings on the Attitudinal Healing International website where it receives global exposure.  Attitudinal Healing International (AHI) is a multicultural community of individuals that is global in scope with common goals rooted in the 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing, which teach that people or circumstances do not cause us conflict or distress—instead it is our own thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about people and events that produce our struggle.

“Attitudinal Healing is a way to transform the conflict, fear, and separation that can easily dominate our personal lives.  It is based on the premise that within each of us—regardless of age, language, religion, or culture—is an essential quality of being that is creative, peaceful, and whole.  This essence is called “love,” and can be expressed at any moment through our conscious choice.

“Through AHI, I contribute my creative talents and resources to the developing, sustaining, and growing of the AHI community and service network.  Together, we make a difference in the world.

“My latest book, Wheelchair Wisdom™:  Awaken Your Spirit Through Adversity, is now in its second printing, and is a #1 international best seller! “

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  1. Carol Kasser says:

    When I wrote Manna for the Soul, I knew many of the things you teach in Wheelchair Wisdom, but then life’s troubles got in the way and something within me changed. I changed-and I didn’t like it. When I read Wheelchair Wisdom, I realized what it was. Somewhere along the journey, I had lost joy and enthusiasm. Thank you for re-inspiring me. Carol Kasser

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