reinvention tips

These tips for reinventing yourself focus on attitudes that can lead to amazing transformations in all areas of your life.

  1. Acceptance.

    Accept it all! You may have to wait for results – and when they come, they may not be what you hoped or prayed for.

  2. Courage.

    It takes courage to accept what is. Nothing is impossible; everything is accessible.

  3. Creativity.

    Understand at least one new idea or learn one thing every day and you’ll tap into hidden possibilities. Simplify your life.

  4. Empathy.

    Live and love as if there is no tomorrow.

  5. Connection.

    We must make the connection within ourselves first.

  6. Giving.

    When we are compassionate to ourselves and open our hearts to others, we find a purpose that might be bigger than ourselves.

  7. Gratitude.

    Gratitude is a fully-awake reminder of a loving, higher power within.

  8. Transformation.

    Trust that the outcome will be for the greatest good for all concerned.

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Posted on May 10, 2012
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