What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying About Wheelchair Wisdom:


“Wheelchair Wisdom™ is a book brimming with fearlessness, optimism, and a sense of possibility. Linda Noble Topf’s compassion and practical advice have the power to shatter widespread notions of what it’s like to spend time in a wheelchair, and inspire those challenged by injury or illness.”


Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post Media Group; Author of Thrive!


“In Wheelchair Wisdom, Linda shares honest and inspiring lessons about spiritual tools that empower and uplift, regardless of personal circumstances. She describes discovering and engaging one’s true self more fully in life, with freedom from fear, illusion and judgment, and having the courage to live authentically in the present moment with compassion, vitality and joy. It is a book for those challenged by injury or illness and everyone interested in limitless possibilities.”


Peter T. Wilderotter, President and CEO, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation


“Within each of us, there is an essential quality of being that is creative, peaceful, and whole—known in religions and cultures worldwide as ‘the essence of love.’  Wheelchair Wisdom holds a life affirming message, teaching that people or circumstances do not cause us conflict or distress.  Instead, it is our own thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about people, events (or wheelchairs) that produce our struggle.  Each moment of our lives is a moment of conscious choice.  In this remarkable book, Linda Noble Topf gently offers her readers practical steps and sound advice that transform the conflict, fear, and separation that can easily dominate our lives.”


James Twyman, Author of The Moses Code; and international spiritual advisor; Founder of The Beloved Community  


“Wheelchair Wisdom™ bears testimony to what Linda has learned and experienced—the importance of each of us being authentic to a higher self.  It describes how, regardless of circumstances, each one of us can move through life in a creative way, using the simple steps that Linda has discovered.”


Bernie Siegel MD, Author of Love, Medicine and Miracles


“During the thirty years since Linda Noble Topf was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she has turned the limitations of illness into limitless opportunities for growth in relationships, intimacy, self-worth, gratitude, confidence, and creativity.  In Wheelchair Wisdom™, she shares these discoveries in a way that will transform the lives of her readers—illuminating the possibilities open to all of us, to express joy in our power, freedom, self-expression, and peace of mind—whether living with an illness, confronting an injury, or embracing the aging process.”


Gerald Jampolsky, MD; and Diane Cirincione, PhD, Authors of A Mini Course for Life, Change Your Mind – Change Your Life, Love is the Answer, and Finding Our Way Home


“If you face a challenge, or love someone that does, Linda Noble Topf opens up a whole new dimension. As someone who grew up with a mother who had MS, and who has tried to champion the cause of people to overcome all forms of disability for 40 years,  I believe that Linda is writing a new and innovative chapter in the evolution of the greatest quest of all: living happily while staring down the realities of your life. Without fear, or trepidation, Linda’s Wheelchair Wisdom™: Awaken Your Spirit through Adversity is an anthem for the new area of the able disabled. It’s a book for everyone, not just the challenged, and is a story that will help all of us guide and comfort the people we care about with deep affection and a clearer understanding of their opportunities ahead. Linda’s ideas are more than dreams – they are reality.


Larry Kane, Author; Emmy-Award-Winning Newsman; Host of Voice of Reason (political commentary); Vice Chair of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the National MS Society


“Some people regard a person bound to a wheelchair as a victim in need of constant care. Then there are those who recognize the sacredness of all life and the unique opportunities that can only be had by someone who spends much of their life in a wheelchair. I trust you are among the latter since you are interested in this jewel of a book. Believe me, your time within its pages will be time well spent.”


H. Ronald Hulnick, PhD, President,University of Santa Monica; and Co-Author (with Mary R. Hulnick, PhD) of Loyalty To Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology


“Timeless wisdom tells us that each of us must choose how we respond to what happens in our lives. That may seem easy and obvious until you are confronted with something as challenging as life in a wheelchair. Linda Noble Topf takes the ultimate challenge to new heights, showing each of us that freedom exists, even when confined to a wheelchair. Read this book, follow its sage advice, and learn how you, too, can transcend life’s apparent limitations to live the life you truly want.”


Russell Bishop, Founder/Creator, Insight Trainings; expert consultant specializing in performance acceleration for personal and organizational transformation; and Author of Workarounds That Work:  How to Conquer Anything that Stands in Your Way at Work


“Linda Noble Topf and I have known each other since the late 1960s when Electric Factory concerts were just getting started in the then sleepy city of Philadelphia.  Linda was a student at Moore College of Art & Design, and I was an emerging concert promoter.  In 1981, when she found out she had MS, she was smack in the middle of being the one of the creative forces behind Philadelphia’s 300th Birthday Party and Century IV celebration.  Linda is a survivor . . . she doesn’t know what else to do but keep creating, loving, and giving away her talent, her art, and her reason for living.  Wheelchair Wisdom™ is a gift from someone who confronts, every day, the greatest obstacles one can imagine, yet always appreciates the opportunities that lie before her. This book delivers an extraordinary message that, quite probably, will change the way you look at your life.”


Larry Magid, renowned veteran concert promoter, Larry Magid Entertainment Group, Electric Factory Concerts


“In the year 2000, Linda Noble Topf inspired and designed the “Inspirations” exhibit at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia.  All of the heroes (both celebrities and ordinary citizens) profiled in the exhibit had either physical, mental, or emotional challenges, making their significance all the greater because they had these obstacles and still achieved remarkable success in their lives, and made a difference.  They believed they had a job to do—to change society’s perception of the disability community.  These people didn’t whine; they acted.  They didn’t give in to despair; they created a new way of perceiving.  They created a new conversation of possibility.


“Now, I invite you to read and be inspired by Wheelchair Wisdom™, where Linda once again creates a new conversation, and conveys the message that lies at the heart of her convictions:  that we are more than just people in wheelchairs.”


Irvin Borowsky, Founder and Chairman of The National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, PA


“In her new book, Wheelchair Wisdom™, Linda Noble Topf shares how to take life to the next level and live it to the fullest – whatever the circumstances. It is an invaluable resource for people with MS, their family members and caregivers. Together they will explore how to trust and own their feelings and take responsibility for them in order to find freedom in their lives, once again. At Inglis, more than half our consumers have MS – dealing with it in its many manifestations. Wheelchair Wisdom™ is so informative because its story is told with clarity and truthfulness, with a generous dash of humor.”


Gavin Kerr, President & CEO, Inglis House, Philadelphia, PA


“Millions of men and women live with progressive MS, spinal cord injuries, and other health conditions that require utilization of wheelchairs and scooters to maintain independence and connection with their communities.  If you or someone close to you is learning how to re-negotiate life from the perspective of limited mobility, Wheelchair Wisdom™ is a must-read!  This book outlines life tools and strategies in lessons, offering tips for managing the emotional ups and downs of everyday life by first finding the peace within yourself, regardless of what is happening to you on the outside.  By acknowledging the unique needs and issues of not only MS patients, but all people in wheelchairs, Linda Noble Topf has done a service for all of us by writing Wheelchair Wisdom™.”


Tami Caesar, President, Greater Delaware Valley Chapter of The National MS Society, Philadelphia, PA


“Linda Noble Topf has been under my care for multiple sclerosis since 1983.  She is courageous and wise, and I have always been impressed by her positive outlook, even under the harshest circumstances.  It would benefit any reader—not just those in wheelchairs—to hear what she has to say.  Wheelchair Wisdom™ holds a life-affirming message:  Each moment of our lives is a moment of choice.  The question is how to make the choices that are right for us.  In this remarkable book, Linda Noble Topf gently guides her readers with practical steps and sound advice that will change intention into action.”


Jeffrey I. Greenstein, MD, Founder of The Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA


“Linda Noble Topf is an activist in the very best sense of that word–a leading advocate of freedom for patients and their families and an eloquent spokesperson for those living with chronic illness. Wheelchair Wisdom™ is truly the culmination of her remarkable work and a gift to all those dealing with illness or loss of mobility. It is both inspirational and practical, infused with the spirit of a woman who has overcome numerous obstacles in her own life and willingly shares her discoveries with others.”


Robert Evans, Founder of The Messenger Network


“Wheelchair Wisdom™  delivers exactly what the title promises—a heartfelt expression of Linda’s own journey with MS and the lessons she’s learned along the way.  The book is filled with practical answers to Linda’s own guiding question:  ‘In this moment, despite it all, who do I choose to be?’”


Marilee Adams, PhD, Author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life:  10 Powerful Tools for Life and Work; and President, Inquiry Institute


“Linda Noble Topf serves as an inspiration to many with her profound ability to overcome difficult challenges and obstacles while fully embracing all that life has to offer with poise, dignity, and grace.”


Reneé Amoore, President and CEO, The Amoore Group, Inc., Philadelphia, PA


What People Are Saying About You Are Not Your Illness:


CONGRATULATIONS!  Outstanding news about your column in HP.


It will help so many. We have so much happening that is fabulous….new offices…..expanded team…..many Centers opening….been very, very busy and happy to be doing this work.


Love to you both




Your powerful words are still deeply inspiring, expanding the world of possibilities.  I have taken a long journey to truly integrate the wisdom you offered in your book . . . to find the joy of living, no matter what was happening with my body.


Judith Zaruches


Your positive approach to life and living in the now is a message that benefits everyone.  You are truly an inspiration to all.


Wendy Seleznov


I work with very injured people in my marriage and family therapy practice. Their lives have been altered dramatically. I picked up your book hoping for something I could pass on to my clients to make their lives easier. If only I had a photographic memory so that I could remember every word. Thanks for the wonderful job you’ve done. You are truly an inspiration.




Today, I found your site, Linda—what an inspiration you are! I needed to find out what other people with MS are doing, despite the fact that they have the disease. I looked at all your achievements and what you are involved with, and I am so impressed and inspired! If I achieve a fraction of your accomplishments, I will
feel successful. Thank you!


Roxanne Montano-Levizon


After meeting Linda and the others that were involved with The MS Initiative, I started to realize there was more to be gotten from my life. It gave me hope, strength, and the support that I was looking for. My future then started to look clearer in my mind. I came away from the Initiative with the feeling there is strength in numbers.


Joel Raffel


There are plenty of books that seek to inspire by sharing personal experience, but Topf takes this that one needed step further by giving good and valid steps toward regaining one’s spiritual and emotional balance. Such a topic is quite an undertaking. Writing for anyone for a chronic illness can be quite difficult. Topf handles her material with knowledge, compassion, equanimity, and grace. Thank you.


Teri Robert


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