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27858566_1438895169569445_4951563261749631737_nI am excited to report that Wheelchair Wisdom is a #1 International Best Seller! We ranked #1 in US, Canada and Japan, in three Amazon categories, and are climbing in others!  Thank you all for your support.

Topf’s personal stories, innovative concepts, meditative suggestions and exercises provide an inspirational book for women, men and families coping with adversity. This self-help guide makes it easy for readers to navigate through thorny, difficult issues that we may face and acknowledge a more meaningful way of BEING that helps lead the way to:

•Develop compassion and courage to work within fears, doubts and self-defeating beliefs
•Recognize and claim self-worth
•Restore peace of mind
•Celebrate freedom
•Experience life with grace and gratitude
•Be grateful for each moment as a conscious choice
•Explore what is possible, regardless of current challenges

Wheelchair Wisdom offers illuminating, practical steps that introduce a new vision of possibility and gratitude that allows anyone facing adversity to move forward on a path of fulfillment, peace and self-love. The power of positive thinking helps us achieve this unique perspective and transforms the conflict, fear and separation that may dominate our lives.

Each moment of our lives can become a time of conscious, positive, life-affirming choice. Wheelchair Wisdom shows you how – by delivering this extraordinary and practical message.

Linda resides outside Philadelphia with her husband – and best friend – of thirty-nine years, Michael.

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Posted on Feb 15, 2018
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